A.I.M. Consulting Ltd

Our Vision:

Improve patient safety one beep at a time

Our Mission:

To provide consultancy and services to UK healthcare organizations who are implementing barcode, auto-identification & data capture (AIDC), traceability systems. Using Healthcare, Commercial, Traceability and GS1 Standards expertise, knowledge and experience gained over 25+ years, nationally and internationally, that delivers incremental operational process improvements and increased patient safety.

If you manufacture and/or supply medical products (pharmaceuticals and/or medical devices) to UK healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies, care homes, GPs) how can you respond to your customer’s requirements for product identification (UDI, SNI, bar-codes or RFID) and traceability when you don’t have the expertise in-house?

You source it from the experts - A.I.M. Consulting Limited.

Our added value consultancy is focussed on supporting supplier organisations to:

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Are you considering implementation of barcodes in your organisation to improve efficiency and contribute to the saving of “…£15-£20 billion per year by 2013/14…” but you don’t have the expertise in-house? A.I.M. Consulting Limited can help! We provide barcode and traceability implementation and process improvement consulting that:

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