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Phone:  0118 944 1580
Email: aimconsultinguk@btinternet.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aimconsultinguk
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PO Box 8097, Woodley,
Berkshire, RG6 3HG, United Kingdom

 Senior business leader with 30 years’ strategic change and project management experience gained in blue chip and standards (GS1) organisations.  An innovation award winner with extensive knowledge of Traceability systems across the healthcare supply chain.



  • GS1 Global Office: Traceability Director Healthcare: Developing standards to enable Traceability in Healthcare (2007- )

eProcurement and eCommerce

  • NHS Procurement eEnablement Programme (NPEP): Research NHS Suppliers “order to cash” and “procure to pay” business processes with a view to producing a generic high level model
  • Conceived and delivered the Vision: eBusiness=Business
  • Assembled and led UK virtual teams of up to 80 people across a federal organisation of 18 companies through numerous eBusiness change programmes.
  • Worked collaboratively with key customers and grew eCommerce transactions <3% to 30%; current growth >60% vs. prior year.
  • Implemented product web portal for UK Healthcare Professionals. No. 1 locale for EMEA region – ongoing growth of circa 5%
  • Innovated first direct to patient Medical Technology eMail marketing campaign – ROI 673%


Change and Project Management

  • GS1 Global Office: Developing standards to enable Traceability in Healthcare
  • Developed and delivered UK eBusiness strategy: 4 streams: eMarketing, eCommerce, Business Effectiveness, eLearning
  • Established EMEA Auto-Id Council to achieve competitive advantage through application of Auto-Identification technologies.
  • Established eCommerce Catalogue six sigma project team; achieved objective of established “Single source for eCatalogue data across EMEA”
  • Developed, implemented and tested two-site Business Continuity Plan
  • Developed and implemented quality and continuous improvement programmes resulting in winning The European Best Practice Benchmarking Award


A.I.M. Consulting Limited, Independent Consultant           2007 to date
Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited                                      1995 – 2007
Medical Devices & Diagnostics UK eBusiness Manager   2001 – 2007
Customer Support Services Regional Manager                  1999- 2001
Customer Care Manager                                                           1995 – 1999
Digital Equipment Co. Ltd                                                          1986-1994

Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Henley Management College, UK


  • 2009: Finalist: Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) Best International Project of the Year Award 2009


  • Chartered Management Institute
  • Institute of Business Consulting
  • Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)

Industry Offices

  • Vice-Chair, Henley Alumni Healthcare Special Interest Group (2010)
  • Founder and Chair, GS1 Healthcare User Group UK (2007)
  • Chair, ABHI Supply Chain and eBusiness Group (2006-2007)
  • Vice-Chair, Eucomed eBusiness Task Force (2007-2008)


  • Faculty: TOPRA1: MSc in Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs (MTRA); Lecturer: Supply Chain and eBusiness
  • Faculty: University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics; Lecture: Supply Chain and Standards, Qualified Person course
  • Critically acclaimed2 MBA Dissertation: Hypothesis: Medical Device manufacturer applied or embedded RFID has benefits to Patient Safety over existing Auto-ID technologies, e.g. Bar Codes

Conference Speaking Engagements:


– DHL’s Lifescience Event, Belgium (GS1)
– SMI’s Clinical Trials, London (GS1)
– International Association of Risk Management in Medicine (IARMM) 3rd World Congress on Clinical Safety, Spain (GS1)
– GLC Europe’s 3rd Annual Pharma Packaging & Labelling, Austria (GS1)
– Virtue Insights’ Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting, London (GS1)
– Arena Intl’s Pharma & Med. Device Packaging & Labelling, Germany (GS1)
– Fleming’s Clinical Trials, Berlin (GS1)
– Paradigm Global Events’ Pharm


– Domino’s Falsified Med. Directive, Spain (GS1)
– SMI’s Parallel Trade, UK (GS1)
– Arena Intl’s Temperature Maintenance of pharmaceuticals, Germany (GS1)
– SMI’s Clinical Trials, London (GS1)
– Virtue Insights’ Pre-filled Syringes, London (GS1)
– GLC Europe’s Pharma Packaging & labelling Forum, Austria (GS1)
– Virtue Insights’ Pharma Anti-counterfeiting, London (GS1)
– RX-360’s Symposium, Portugal (GS1)
– Fleming’s Clinical Trials, Berlin (GS1)


– SMI’s Pharma Parallel Trade, UK (GS1)
– Fleming Europe’s Pharma Packaging & Labelling, Italy (GS1)
– Appel Consulting’s Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting, UK (GS1)
– IQPC’s Nordic Supply Chain, Denmark (GS1)
– IQPC’s Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit, Switzerland (GS1)
– Visiongain’s 7th Anti-Counterfeiting, UK (GS1)
– Pharma Logistics Forum, Denmark (GS1)
– GLC Europe’s Pharma Packaging & labelling Forum, Austria (GS1)
– Arena Intl’s Packaging and Labelling, Netherlands (GS1)
– Arena Intl’s Labelling & Packaging Compliance (Med. Devices), Netherlands (GS1)
– Virtue Insights’ Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting, London (GS1)
– Management Forum’s Artwork Origination For Pharma Packaging, UK (GS1)
– ABHI UDI Systems: The Future Has Started, UK (GS1)
– SMI’s Cold Chain Distribution, UK (GS1)


– Fleming Europe’s Pharma Packaging & Labelling Compliance, Barcelona (GS1)
– Management Forum’s Artwork Origination For Pharma Packaging, UK (GS1)
– Supply Chain Symposium, Saudi Arabia (GS1)
– Visiongain’s 6th Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Conference, UK (GS1)
– IQPC Pharmaceutical Distribution, Netherlands (GS1)
– Exlpharma’s European Life-Science Serialization & Traceability, Germany (GS1)
– Arena Intl’s Pharma Packaging & Labelling, Germany (GS1)
– IIR’s Forum’s Packaging and Labelling, UK (GS1)
– IIR’s Labelling & Packaging Compliance (Med. Devices), UK (GS1)
– IQPC Serialisation & Traceability, Switzerland (GS1)
– Advanco Pharma Track & Trace, Turkey (GS1)
– UBM’s Managing Regulatory Change, Med. Devices, Germany (GS1)
– Arena’s Medical Device Packaging & Labelling, Belgium (GS1)


– Visiongain’s Packaging and Labelling Congress, UK (GS1)
– Management Forum’s Packaging and Labelling, UK (GS1)
– Management Forum’s Labelling & Packaging Compliance (Med. Devices), UK (GS1)
– Informa’s Pharmaceutical Labelling & Packaging conference, UK (GS1)


– Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling, UK (GS1)
– Sterile Barrier Association, Germany (GS1)
– Visiongain’s Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling Congress, UK (GS1)
– In Vitro Diagnostics, UK (GS1)
– Visiongain’s Anti Counterfeiting Conference (GS1)
– Informa Lifesciences Labelling & Packaging Compliance for Medical Devices and IVDs Conference (GS1)
– European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), Turkey (GS1)


– Visiongain’s Anti Counterfeiting Conference (GS1)
– Cool Chain Europe, Belgium (GS1)
– Pharmaceutical Supply & Cold Chain Congress, Netherlands (GS1)
– Efficient Healthcare Logistics, Belgium (GS1)
– Engineering & Science Advisory Committee into the decontamination of
Surgical instruments including Prion Removal (ESAC-Pr), UK (GS1)

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