Baxa Ltd AIDC Strategy

CASE STUDY – Baxa Ltd AIDC Strategy

Background information

Baxa is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) employing around 400 associates in the US (corporate headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado) and across Europe. It has direct sales in the US and the UK, sales infrastructure across Europe and distributors and agents in more than 40 countries worldwide. Baxa Ltd (Bracknell, Berkshire) is the Registered Agent and European headquarters, distributing a wide range of Medical Devices equating to ~400 SKUs out of Gent, Belgium.

Business issue

Baxa has limited internal bar coding knowledge and, being based in the USA, adopted HIBC many years ago; they are aware of GS1 but have not adopted its System of Standards. There is awareness that things are changing globally, hence they required independent advice on developing a coherent bar code strategy to support their core philosophy of patient safety, global business growth and gain competitive advantage.


In September 2010, to complement the launch of www.aimconsultinguk.co.uk, A.I.M. Consulting Ltd ran a competition to win 2 days of free consultancy to assist the winning organisation bring patient safety benefits. Baxa Ltd was the winner as their consulting requirements were synergistic to the expertise of A.I.M. Consulting Ltd.


At an initial face to face meeting it was agreed with Baxa that A.I.M. Consulting Ltd (A.I.M.) would use the majority of the 2 days consulting to deliver:  A global strategy document including a high level action plan that can assist Baxa achieve competitive advantage through the implementation of AIDC across the organisation  An educational slide deck, to be used internally at Baxa, to introduce GS1, GS1 Healthcare and the GS1 System of standards. Meeting the agreed timescale A.I.M. Consulting Ltd delivered a draft strategy document and, following client feedback, this was updated and returned to the client. Supply of the draft educational slide deck followed.
A closing face to face meeting was held and the final versions of the strategy document and educational slide deck were agreed. Final versions were supplied to the client the same day.


During the period that the strategy document was being developed, the client used the drafts when in bi-weekly conference calls with his corporate US counterparts. He anticipates being a key player in the team that will be formed to push this initiative forward. Direct quotes from your customer Janice has enhanced my knowledge of the topic and positions Baxa Ltd to work with the corporate team to implement AIDC across the organisation to gain competitive advantage.

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