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The final piece of work required for Janice Kite to complete the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2007) with Henley Business School was undertaking a “Dissertation”. Here you can download a PDF of that  critically acclaimed  Dissertation, free of charge.


It considers the benefits of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology over Bar Codes, for greater patient safety, critically acclaimed when used with Medical Devices (MD) and evaluates the hypothesis that:


Medical Device manufacturer applied or embedded RFID has benefits to Patient Safety over existing AIDC technologies, e.g. Bar Codes.


It concludes that Patient Safety is the key driver. But the theory that RFID would deliver greater patient safety was not proven and is largely hypothesis. It suggests that the hypothesis be reworded as follows:


Medical Device Manufacturer applied or embedded RFID should be voluntary. RFID has benefits over existing AIDC technologies, e.g. Bar Codes and has the potential to deliver greater patient safety in the clinical environment. But it should no be seen as a panacea; all AIDC technologies should be considered and piloted, and the most appropriate selected, when attempting to address reported adverse incidents in the most severe “degree of harm” categories (NPSA).



In July 2010 Janice Kite began a review of the conclusions of the dissertation.  This review initiated a number of posts that can be accessed via her NHSTrace BLOG.

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