The NHS White Paper, Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS (July 2010) “sets out the Government’s long-term vision for the future of the NHS” but irrespective of how that future evolves one thing the Department of Health (DH) has committed to is the Coding for Success guidance.
The Review of coding for success implementation (Oct 2010) concluded that “…[DH] must continue to… promote the benefits that auto-identification technologies…” and stated that “the Department of Health has this as part of its ongoing work programme to continue to push the requirement for GTINS and encourage NHS to utilise technologies in the procurement process.” But it also acknowledges that this “is a necessarily complex topic that requires considerable investment, effort and co-operation across a variety of sectors and partner organisations to… to benefit patient safety.” The latest guidance is the NHS eProcurement Strategy.

We have the necessary expertise to assist you!

We provide barcode and traceability implementation and related process improvement consulting using our Healthcare, Commercial, Traceability and GS1 Standards expertise, knowledge and experience gained over 25+ years, nationally and internationally.

Our added value consultancy is focussed on supporting organisations to achieve the 5 Pharmaceuticala and 8 Medicalb Device Patient Rights that:

a. The 5 Pharmaceutical Patient Rights:

  1. Right patient
  2. Right drug (e.g. a pain killer versus an anti-biotic)
  3. Right dose (strength (potency)) and quantity)
  4. Right route
  5. Right time

b. The 8 Medical Device Patient Rights:

  1. Right device
  2. Right location (e.g. theatre, catheter laboratory)
  3. Right time
  4. Right condition (e.g. not recalled)
  5. Right procedure
  6. Right anatomic site
  7. Right patient
  8. Right user (user who has been trained to use this)

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