Enhance Patient Outcomes

How can your organisation enhance patient outcomes: i.e. add value to patient stays, increase throughput, reduce adverse event and/or reduce stays?

GS1 UK published an interesting article that summarised a survey undertaken jointly with Nursing Standard… “Together, they surveyed NHS nurses about the efficiency of hospital wards…”. Nurses ”…believe that everyday supermarket style bar code scanning technology could help… 63% believed a real time stock control system would help. 56% said that an electronic record to track the location of equipment would be useful and 37% suggested that bar coded wristbands to identify patients accurately would make a difference.”


Implementation of bar code technology is a proven way to enhance patient outcomes. Numerous best practice examples can be found on this website (Reduce exposure to risk; Manage/ reduce cost ; Innovate).


A.I.M. Consulting Limited is here to help you enhance patient outcomes through the implementation of GS1 Standard bar  codes and Traceability Systems:


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