Enhance Patient Outcomes

How can your organisation enhance patient outcomes?


You may respond with “Our products” and/or “added value through additional services”. But in the current climate is that seen as enough by your customers who are facing another period of “big change, big change” and “…significant management cost saving[s]…” (Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS in England speech to the NHS Confederation (2nd July 2010)
Empirically healthcare organisations could derive enhanced patient outcomes from state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but they are also looking at operational areas for improvement.
The Department of Health publication Coding for Success, guidance recommends “both industry and NHS adopt the GS1 system of coding standards and sets out an action plan that supports both NHS and industry” and have contracted with the local GS1 Member Organisation, GS1 UK, to provide membership free to NHS Trusts in England. These organisations will be looking to their supplier community to provide medical products that are already identified, indeed it is increasingly likely that GS1 compliance will be a criteria in NHS tenders.
GS1 UK recently published an interesting article that summarised a survey undertaken jointly with Nursing Standard… “Together, they surveyed NHS nurses about the efficiency of hospital wards…”. Nurses “…believe that everyday supermarket style bar code scanning technology could help… 63% believed a real time stock control system would help. 56% said that an electronic record to track the location of equipment would be useful and 37% suggested that bar coded wristbands to identify patients accurately would make a difference.”
Implementation of barcode technology is a proven way to enhance patient outcomes. Will you be ready to respond to your customers need to enhance patient outcomes?
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