Innovative use of bar-code technology has been proven around the world to improve the quality of care system and operational processes. Numerous best practice examples can be found on here.


The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement says “Innovation is about doing things differently or doing different things to achieve large gains in performance…“ and, for the NHS “…Quality, innovation, productivity and prevention is the mechanism…” to deliver innovation, it’s “…about creating an environment in which change and improvement can flourish; it is about leading differently and in a way that fosters a culture of innovation; and it is about providing staff with the tools, techniques and support that will enable them to take ownership of improving quality of care.”


Empirically healthcare organisations could derive benefit from innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but they are also looking at operational areas for improvement. And they have numerous, and increasing case study examples on the benefits of using AIDC technology to refer to. For the NHS in England, the Department of Health publication NHS eProcurement Strategy mandates “the use of GS1… standards by amending the NHS Standard Contract to require compliance with this NHS eProcurement Strategy.”


Can you afford to ignore the benefits of using GS1 Standards?


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