Reduce exposure to risk

As a manufacturer/supplier of medical products (pharmaceuticals or medical devices) the challenges in the supply chain are numerous, e.g.:


  • Counterfeiting is an increasing global threat, predominantly for pharmaceuticals but instances of medical device counterfeiting is not unheard of
  • Product recalls are costly and difficult to manage for all stakeholders
  • Requests for traceability (track and trace, chain of custody/ownership) beyond the manufacturer/supplier’s four-walls are increasing
  • healthcare providers are local, but your supply chain is likely to cross geographies, perhaps it is global


These complexities increase your exposure to risk. Implementing GS1 standards can assist in reducing these risks and potentially provide competitive advantage.


There are many case studies from manufacturers/suppliers utilising GS1 standards and implementing traceability systems in an effort to maintain the competitive advantage it provides. GS1 Healthcare has published 5 Reference books over the years that show case many examples. They are available here.


Can you afford to ignore the benefits of using GS1 Standards?


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